Maximize employee productivity by minimizing workstation downtime

Employees rely on their workstations to perform their work—without access, productivity can grind to a halt. Techtron Backup allows you to manage backup and recovery for workstations from the same management console as servers and Office 365 email. A full workstation backup can help you restore data and full systems after a disaster to keep employees productive and to help protect important intellectual property. By enabling you to manage workstation backups alongside servers—and nearly anything else—Techtron Backup makes managing backup a breeze.


Workstation Backup

Techtron Backup offers:

  • Simple deployment: Deployed through Techtrons monitoring and management platform, workstation backup protection only takes a few clicks.
  • Easy monitoring: View the status of all backups using the Backup web-based management console.
  • Safe cloud storage: Our global data centers meet ISO standards, and backups are protected using AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Availability: Our data centers are built for redundancy to maximize data availability and access.
  • Granular data selection: Whether it’s a file, folder, application, client operating system, or a complete workstation, SolarWinds Backup lets you select which data to protect.
  • Redundancy: Backups can be stored both locally and in the cloud, providing instant data redundancy.
  • Optimized resource usage: Following your initial backup, our proprietary True Delta technology tracks and backs up only changed bytes (rather than full files), facilitating faster backup processes, so you don’t need to schedule them during off-hours.


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