Techtron Remote SLA simplifies support

Techtron Remote Support services simplifies IT support by letting technicians monitor and control remote computers, servers, and network devices over the internet or network. With the use of specialised software from one of the industry leaders in remote IT support, our technicians can see what customers see and control their computers for support. Seeing the screen helps decrease on-site visits, reduce phone support, and increase effective response to high priority issues. This results in less down time for our clients and quicker response times.

Our remote monitoring provides alerts and reports to offer early warning of potential system failures, resource utilisation issues and performance reporting.

Your IT infrastructure will be remotely monitored 24/7 by our state of the art IT Support service monitoring tools with the benefits being:

  • Maximize network up time: Proactive monitoring and alerting allows you to resolve issues prior to failure;
  • Increase network security: Integration with leading anti-virus providers, patch management, security auditing, alerting and reporting;
  • Improved performance: Analyse trends to identify performance issues and upgrade requirements;
  • Manage network assets: Real time asset inventory provides deep visibility into network assets; with an easy to read reporting

Along with our monitoring tools our technical support team are highly trained and motivated to assist with any IT related issue.

Mid-sized business in need of reliable remote IT support and monitoring services?

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Benefits of Remote IT Support

Fast Connectivity
Access end users by secure code, email links or URL on our website

Secure Sessions
Log in via 256 SSL encryption; uninstalls after support for enhanced security

Complete Support
See and solve issues in less time with in-depth diagnostic tools


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