Our True Delta technology is designed for faster cloud transfers

Unlike traditional backup products—which often tack on cloud capabilities as an afterthought—Techtron Backup is built from the ground up for cloud-first data protection. Our True Delta technology combines byte-level deduplication, data compression, and proprietary WAN optimization techniques designed to help deliver fast backups and restores from our cloud data centers.


Fast Backup, Rapid Restore

With Techtron Backup, your first backup is a complete copy of all your data. For locations with limited network bandwidth, a self-service seeding option is available. Once the first backup is complete, only changed bytes are sent across the network. Our Backup Accelerator feature scans and tracks changes in the background, so your daily backups are a fraction of the size of the full data set.

Techtron Backup offers:

  • Byte-level changes: True Delta works at the byte level, allowing it to transmit changes rather than the full file.
  • Compatible across platforms: True Delta tracks data changes for large files, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and more.
  • Better resource usage: By transmitting changes rather than full files, only a fraction of the data is sent across the WAN. This is designed to make backup processes faster, with minimal resource drain.
  • More frequent backups: With faster backups, you can back up data more frequently, helping you meet or exceed your recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Backup Accelerator provides:

  • Enhanced performance: Backup Accelerator scans for changes in the background, decreasing backup times for large files compared to regular file-level backups of the same data.
  • Large file support: Techtron Backup keeps track of changes to selected files 5 GB or larger in size to reduce the time it takes to back up changes to databases in SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint, as well as changes to Outlook PST files, Outlook OST Files, and Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • Support for Windows: Backup Accelerator is supported on Windows 7 and higher on client machines, and Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher on servers.


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