Store your data long-term and set variable retention policies

For businesses that fall under regulations like HIPAA in the United States or similar regulations in other countries, data archiving may be a compliance requirement. But even if your company isn’t regulated, strong data archiving is still a good practice.

The cloud storage in Techtron Backup is set up with a mechanism to clean data after a default retention period. You can set a minimum number of file versions to maintain, so you won’t get stuck depending on a single version of an important file.


Archiving and Versioning


  • Granular data selection: Whether it’s a file, folder, application, client operating system, or a complete server, SolarWinds Backup lets you select exactly what data needs to be archived and for how long.
  • Comprehensive platform support: With support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware, and Hyper-V, SolarWinds Backup is built to handle almost any network. We also archive application data from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Exchange, and SharePoint.
  • Encryption: Backup data is encrypted, in transit and at rest, using AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Security and privacy: Encryption keys can be automatically generated, or you can choose private-key encryption, accessible only by the authorized user.
  • Custom archiving: Additionally, you can keep backup data beyond the default retention period by creating a custom archive schedule.


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