Techtron provides Managed IT Services

Techtron is an IT company, based in Cape Town & Johannesburg, that has been providing managed IT services since 2004. Techtron has continued to focus on mid sized corporates looking for best of breed technology. Providing the best possible service to our clients, has allowed the company to grow steadily into a premium IT service provider.

Our People

Techtron combines the right people, process, skills and attitude and you will find that makes all the difference. As a result you will find dealing with anybody at the Techtron team both capable and willing to solve any IT problem.

The Techtron Difference

A key differentiator for Techtron is our view on IT support. We have thrown out the old break and fix methodology that so many IT companies still use today. Techtron is solely focused on managed IT services, streamlining IT infrastructure and ensuring business continuity

Techtron Services

  • Support Contracts
  • Managed Firewall, VPN, Web Filter
  • Backup Services
  • Remote Network Monitoring & Support
  • Cloud SIEM
  • Endpoint Protection (EDR)
  • Managed Microsoft Servers
  • Office 365 Services
  • Security Services


+27 21 673 6756