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Monitoring, AV & Patch Support

Techtron Monitoring, AV & Patch Support Service offers an affordable solution for small to medium enterprises, by focusing on a few core components. A no frills cost-effective solution for companies with a limited IT budget. With the use of specialised software, our technicians can monitor servers, workstations, and other IT equipment while also providing Anti-Virus software and windows patch management for a single fixed fee per month. This service helps decrease on-site visits, reduce phone support, and increase effective response to high priority issues. This results in less down time for our clients and quicker response times.

Our Monitoring, AV & Patch Service offers the following

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Proactive Alerting
  • Anti-Virus Software, Licensing, Updates and Management
  • Microsoft Patch Management
  • Access to Techtron IT Support Team

Along with our monitoring tools our technical support team are highly trained and motivated to assist with any IT related issue.

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