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Remote Backup Services

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Need an economical offsite backup solution to protect your critical business data in your physical or virtual environment? Techtron Cloud Backup is the Managed Backup solution you need.

Safe and Secure Offsite Protection

Your data will be encrypted on your local computer with the most robust 256-bit encryption method, and then uploaded to our first class datacentre through 128-bit SSL channel. Our datacentre has obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management (ISMS) Certification.

Fast Backup and Restore

Our proprietary speed enhancing technologies such as In-File Delta, multi-threading, delta-merging effectly tackles the bandwidth bottle neck problem during backup and restore. With these technologies, backup of 500GB data can be completed in one night.

Physical + Virtual Machines Support

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup is able to protect all your virtual and physical machines, including VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL Database, Lotus Domino/Notes, Windows, Linux and Mac with a unified solution.

Continuous Automatic Backup

After simple configuration, your backup will be run automatically according to your defined schedules which can be a frequent as every minute, or continuously if the Continuous Data Protection option is turned on. No human intervention is required. After the initial full backup, only the new or changed information within files will be backed up subsequently which makes the subsequent backups much smaller and faster.

Restore Anytime, Anywhere

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup has the web restore function which allows you to restore backed up data through any web browser. Thus, you are able to restore your data anytime, anywhere, on any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Unlimited Versioning

Ahsay™ Cloud Backup allows you to keep unlimited versions of your backup data. It’s also able to keep your locally deleted files as long as you can on the cloud. These settings are all configurable by yourself according to you own needs.

Fully Managed Service

Your backup is fully managed by our local Hong Kong backup experts. Your backup jobs will be closed monitored. If abnormal suituation occurs, our experts will immediately help you resolve the problem.


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First Class Datacenter
Your backup data will be stored in a first class data center, with a excellent long standing track record. We offer a unique range of services supported by state of the art infrastructure, thus giving you a peace of mind in data protection.
256-Bit Data Encryption
All user accounts will be password protected and all backup data will be 256-bit encrypted and compressed before uploading to Techtron’s backup server via secure SSL connection. The encryption key will not be uploaded to the backup server during backup. Ensuring all backups are securely protected.
Fully Automatic
Your backup job will automatically run everyday according to the schedule you have defined. Since no error-prone human intervention is required, missed backup caused by carelessness will no longer happen.
Restore Data Anytime, Anywhere
Techtron Online Backup Service provides online data restore function, which allows user to restore backed up data through the Internet at any location. For example, when a staff urgently requires to retrieve a file from your Online Backup during a business trip, he/she can simply do it by logging in his/her backup account via any common web browser and performing restoration.
Robust Backup Features
Techtron Backup Service comes with robust enterprise-class backup features specifically designed for businesses of any sizes, including Windows/Linux/Mac cross-platform operation, Continuous Data Protection for files, Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, high availability, In-File Delta block-level incremental / differential backup, 256-bit advanced encryption, etc.
Multi Versioning
Proprietary In-File Delta, continuous Data Protection, and flexible retention policy allow a file to have multiple backup versions. You can define the number of versions a file needs to be kept. Based or your company’s backup policy.


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