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managed servers cape town

Techtron Managed Server is a powerful network and gateway server designed for small to medium organizations and distributed environments with less than 150 users.

Though Techtron Server comes with an extensive list of features, the solution is hassle free as all hardware and software support is included. Among other features, anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN and content filtering are built right into the software — no need for expensive third party add-ons.

With Techtron Managed Server, you can avoid costly vendor lock-in and proprietary formats; instead, you can embrace open standards and protocols.

When choosing Techtron Managed Server not only will you have a great product but you will also find great support from the Techtron team, who provide ongoing maintenance for your server. One of the most important tasks when deploying server systems is the ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


  • Reliable server hardware with data redundancy
  • Strong security policies and best practices
  • Blocks infected, time-wasting, or offensive websites with URL filtering


  • Monitoring 24/7 and automatic updates maximizes protection against new threats
  • Minimizes performance impact to PCs by storing information centrally


  • COST – One constant affordable bill for predictable costs
  • HARDWARE – We provide all hardware and replace any faulty hardware at no cost
  • SOFTWARE – We configure all software according to industry best practices and maintain it free of charge
  • MONITORING – We monitor your hardware and software 24 hours a day to detect faults


managed servers cape town

From R 2200 Ex VAT

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