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Too often, midsize companies focus strictly on technology, but neglect other steps necessary to manage the IT environment through a crisis. If you take the time to understand business processes, procedures, and workflow, you will be in a better position to provide the IT security that your organization needs.

Just as security threats differ from organization to organization, so do strategies. A company that does all of its business online or has a high percentage of mobile workers will have different security needs than a retail chain, for example. Company culture may also dictate how you implement security solutions.

A thorough upfront analysis – one that conforms to your business plan – can help build a foundation for an effective and cost-efficient security strategy.

Your needs, of course, will depend upon your particular business. The loss of important e-mail messages could endanger a law firm’s work and undermine client relationships, for example; for a health-care organization, the exposure of a single medical record might lead to bad press and severe penalties under regional or national regulations. It is important to recognize the level of risk that is acceptable to your company – this forces you to identify the areas that are essential to your business.

Techtron Computers offers a wide range of security services to help keep you business running.

For more information see our managed security services.

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