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The combination of flexibility and scalability of the Techtron firewall appliance is designed to satisfy the security needs of any network.

Need an economical offsite backup solution to protect your critical business data in your physical or virtual environment? Techtron Cloud Backup is the Managed Backup solution you need.

Our IT Support Contract Services deliver a cost-effective and comprehensive IT solution to suit your business, and our SLA assures our clients of the best support possible.

Email, shared calendaring, shared contacts, global address list, instant messaging, file storage, web document management and compatibility with all popular mail clients.

IT Support Cape Town

Techtron Computers is a Cape Town based Technology business focusing on providing Managed IT services and consultancy to support firms with their IT infrastructure, including desktop & laptop computers, servers, networking equipment and software.

Techtron helps solve real world business problems, by integrating industry standard solutions or creating custom solutions to meet our clients requirements.

Looking for reliable IT services?

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  • Why tech-support is important
    by Juan Oliver on November 20, 2017 at 11:00 am

    The digital age is upon us and every business, every industry and every market are now reliant on technological advancements that help further their bottom line. From engineering to corporate services, technology has changed the way purchases are made, how records are kept and has even improved interactions with the clients. With technology being such... The post Why tech-support is important appeared first on Techtron Blog. […]

  • Protecting against Wi-fi Cracks!
    by Juan Oliver on November 13, 2017 at 7:00 am

    You may have asked yourself: “Is it really that bad when someone cracks a Wi-fi connection?” well, we can tell you that it’s not, it’s far worse! A hacker that infiltrates a Wi-Fi connection can do unthinkable damage by accessing sensitive and confidential information. From ID numbers and credit card details, to access codes of... The post Protecting against Wi-fi Cracks! appeared first on Techtron Blog. […]

  • “KRACKS” in the Wi-fi!
    by Juan Oliver on November 6, 2017 at 8:09 am

    If you live in any urban area in the 21st Century, Wi-fi Connections are by now, a normal part of your life. Accessing a wireless internet connection from various places has proven as one of the best improvements of modern technology but a recent discovery by Mathy Vanhoef of Imec-DistriNet (a digital information website) reveals... The post “KRACKS” in the Wi-fi! appeared first on Techtron Blog. […]

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